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On a mission to revolutionize the drafting world

We're creating the future of drafting, starting with League of Legends. Our vision is to build the most powerful platform with drafting as the core.

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A Little History

ProComps was founded in the summer of 2021 by 4 League of Legends enthusiasts who are passionate about the science of e-sports drafting. The idea kicked off when the core team started browsing assistant tools to optimize different team compositions and make the right picks for each lane and player for their scrims. Although there are multiple programs out there, they all seem to do similar things. No tool was tailored for people who wanted to improve their drafting, and as a result we decided to create something for all the users out there that experience the same pain. After a couple of months of users’ interviews and validation, the very first version of ProComps was introduced in August 2021 for a small audience in the Amateur League scene. The continuous feedback and teams’ insights on how to improve drafting led to what ProComps is right now.


We're on a mission

Our mission is to create the perfect environment for an effective approach in each and everyone League of Legends’ game. We aim to find the optimal picks tailored for each League of Legends player as well as help them understand different team compositions. Additionaly, the end goal is to guide each team in what regards their strategy to win more games. We have worked diligently on an algorithm that considers multiple inputs to come up with suggestions and give back a significant amount of time during the short champ select decision time frame. We are continuously improving our model, staying up to date with each patch while also introducing innovative features to give value to our users and respond to all needs. In the short term, we are also planning to solve similar problems in other MOBA games. Join the community and help us grow.

Product Roadmap



- Basic Live Draft Simulation
- Champion suggestions
- Pre-game strategy guide
- Comp Builder

As a first step, we wanted to complete the proof of concept and understand whether a drafting software such as ProComps would solve players and teams drafting pain points. We created a basic version of our vision, tested it with multiple users and used that feedback to help us adjust what was the ProComps Beta version.


establish & perfect

- Automated suggestions
- Comp creator
- Custom tier list
- Champion pool for teams and individuals
- New branding & UI/UX improvements

We are currently trying to scale the reach of ProComps and simultaneously work on innovative features to come up with solutions to several issues that our users face, plus perfect the core of the product. Our goal is to make ProComps a recognized emerging software by the LoL community and to make the impression that although new, it doesn't lack on reliability.



- Join Overwolf
- App 100% Free
- Ad free Experience
- Perfect App User Experience

This is a game changer for us and our users. We join forces with Overwolf. This allows us to improve the product way faster and more efficiently, bring a better experience to the community and reach more people. It also gives us the ability to make the app 100% free.


scale & innovate

- In-game AI
- Machine Learning model
- Multiple Languages
- Solutions to other MOBA games

The future is ahead of us and there is so much to do, so buckle up and come aboard on this amazing journey.


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Case Studies

Check some of our latest experiments and see real people using our product.

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