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ProComps is a simple to use drafting assistant for League of Legends individuals looking to approach the game more intelligently and efficiently.

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100% Compliant with Riot Games and Vanguard

What makes ProComps different

A number of reasons set us apart from all other apps.

Get live tactics while drafting

All the insights you need to make decisions in each unique scenario with comp evolutions, warnings, and more.

Study pre-game team strategy

Customized team and individual strategies for each game between end of draft and game start.

Personalize your suggestions

Champion suggestions based on your team champ pool, mastery level and tier-list.

Test unlimited team comps

Comprehensive offline plug and play comp builder to try out various combinations to prepare for future games.

For Everyone

Working in order to meet everyone's needs.

Solo Players

For players looking to improve their drafting skills and take a more strategic approach to their games.


The ultimate experience for teams looking to improve on various aspects of the game and boost their win rate.

Coaches & Orgs

The perfect app to manage multiple teams and significantly improve their performance and efficiency.

Key Features

during draft

Live draft assistant

Get champion suggestions, tips, and insights at each step of the league of legends draft.

Champion suggestions based on gamestyles, scaling, counters, synergies and more.

Information on team gamestyles, scaling, and warnings.

Pre-game guide to study smart team strategies.

Compatible with League Client, Prodraft & Draftlol.


Manage your team like a master

Input multiple player champ pools by mastery level, create multiple teams and allocate each player by lane.


Create your own meta

Create your own tier-list for each lane if you wish to customize the software insights during live league of legends draft.


Your favorite playground

Try limitless combinations to figure out strengths and weaknesses of each team compositions and save for future use in drafts.

Find your best comps in just seconds

Enter your champion pool, select gamestyle, scaling and champs to counter so that we can calculate the best lol team comp for the current meta.

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For the League of Legends Elite
WARNING! You will win more!
For the League of Legends Elite
WARNING! You will win more!
For the League of Legends Elite
WARNING! You will win more!
For the League of Legends Elite
WARNING! You will win more!
For the League of Legends Elite
WARNING! You will win more!
about the project

We're crafting the future of drafting, starting with Lol.

Creating tools that do the heavy lifting for you. Our vision is clear, and we just got started. Join us on this journey and help us create something great for the community.

TEAM Experiments

Check some of our latest experiments and see real people using our product.

Grandmaster Team uses ProComps to improve their drafting performance
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How does a team of League of Legends coaches leverage a software like ProComps
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Loved by Gamers

ProComps has helped me and my competitive team by giving us the tools necessary to adapt to enemy drafts on the fly with the built-in analysis and champion suggestions. The free product is amazing and the upgrade to Pro is even better! The added features are definitely worth the money, especially if you are impressed with the free version of this tool. I recommend this tool to players of all skill levels and play styles.
League Coach
Having ProComps at your side while you are drafting is super helpful during Flex and Clash.
I can easily see how the enemy team comp evolves as they pick, pick counter heroes which synergize with my team’s selection and address warnings as we build our lol team comp.
EU West Diamond Player
I'm new to coaching and  it helped me to build composition, attribute requirements to understand game styles better plus its so easy to use, I recommend this League of Legends app for anyone who want to have a starting career in league.
Conquerer Gaming Coach
Procomps is an easy and intuitive tool to use for preparing drafts for scrims, clash and competitions. I would 100% recommend this if you want to improve your drafting and get the best lol team comp for each game.
Dyrone #6969
Peak Challenger 1254 LP
The ability to connect pro-draft or draftlol and auto connect to LoL client is game changing and easily takes the program to another level. I wish I had this program when I first started playing in teams.
NA Plat Player
ProComps is the best League of Legends app to improve drafting for team play and building strategy according to various gamestyles. With additional features that can shorten champion select process, it can be an indispensable tool, even for pro-level teams and sponsor large tournaments.
Besiktas Esports Analyst
The Pre-Game Guide is hands down the most impactful to the game and is super useful. Followed by the warnings in champ select. The ability to move around picks to the correct role in the summary screen is fantastic and has been very helpful.
NA Diamond Player
ProComps as a League of Legends draft app eliminates the burden of checking different websites in order to understand the best champ pick for my lane and for my team. I can now make more accurate picks considering multiple inputs that are critical in a team setup.
EU West Plat Player
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