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General Questions

Who is this app for?
How can I contact the team?
Is the app compliant to riot?
How to update the app?
What is the difference between the Web and Desktop App?
Does the Desktop App decrease game performance?
How do I change my password?

about the product

How many team champion pools can I create?
Which one is better, Classic Suggestions and Automated Suggestions?
Is the app updated on every patch?
How do you come up with the suggestions?
What is the difference between patch tier list and custom tier list?
How does League Integration work?

Known Issues

Process time in Comp Creator
Blinks during champ select


What is ProComps Elite?
How does the free trial work?
Can I cancel my subscription?
Do you have a referral program?
Payment Methods available
How can I reactivate my premium subscription?
The price is in €, how do I get charged?