Learn how this Grandmaster Team uses ProComps to improve their drafting performance

Introduction to the experiment and Team Ambition Black

In this case study, we will be observing a Grandmaster team use ProComps to improve their drafting experience and showcase how it can benefit all the teams out there in the league community. It is always beneficial to learn from others’ experiences, thus we felt obliged to share Team Ambition Black’s journey with ProComps.

Team Ambition Black is Team Ambition’s highest ELO team which was formed around Fall 2021. They have won multiple Grandmaster ELO capped tournaments including Runeterra senior division, UAL, and Phoenix Rising League Academy Division in the past year. Their main players are as the following:

Top - (BMD) Brown Man Darius
Jungle – Castle
Mid – Markboots
Bottom – All For One
Support – Turc

As it is complex for all LoL teams, drafting also becomes challenging for Team Ambition Black from time to time, so let’s jump right into their experience with ProComps and how they think it will help their pain points!

“I would say our biggest struggle in the drafting phase is sometimes when the enemy picks an off meta champion, we can be caught off guard and sometimes not come up with a proper response within the amount of time draft allows. Shortlisting our options in such cases becomes real challenging in just 30 seconds” – Castle
Using Champ Pool the Pro way

Team Ambition Black started their journey with ProComps from the Champ Pool feature. Champ pool feature enables teams to record which champions each player plays and the mastery level based on their familiarity levels. After the team enters each players’ champ pools into ProComps, they simply allocate each player to their assigned roles and their champ pool show up and is ready to save.

Team captain Castle asked each player one by one which champions they play and made sure there are at least 3 champions for each mastery level which are strongest, match ready, scrim ready, and learning. All players contributed to the exercise and after each players finished their champ pools, Castle entered all players easily to each lane and saved the software. ProComps is now ready to personalize champion suggestions in the live draft assistant based on Team Ambition Black’s champ pool.

“One thing that surprised me about ProComps was its ease of use. Every feature is very easy to understand and use which was very nice, especially the champ pool. Like many other teams we manage our champ pool in excel but with ProComps we don’t need an excel anymore and just manage our team within the app” – Mark
Creating their Own Meta with ProComps

Another customization feature of ProComps is the tier list, teams can create their own meta by assigning champions for each lane to tiers from S to D. Team Ambition Black wanted to go through the tier list to approve the list for Top and Jungle and make sure its aligned with their perspective.

For both Top and Jungle tier list, the team decided to change the places of some champions in the S tier to lower tiers from the standard ProComps tier list that is updated for each patch. Team Ambition Black saved their changes and updated their default tier list preference to flexible tier list so that they would receive champion suggestions accordingly.

Leveraging Comp Builder to save their best compositions

Next stop before the live draft for Team Ambition Black was the comp builder feature of ProComps, they saved 3 comps that they were comfortable with so that they could see the strengths and weaknesses of their most preferred compositions. The team focused mostly on Engage and Pick compositions and commented that when they have more time to discuss different comps, they should leverage the Comp Builder feature and save the comps so that they can refer to them in the live draft.

The team did not use the latest addition to ProComps, Comp Creator feature. With this feature, Team Ambition Black could see the strongest combinations of their champ pools according to their liking. Comp Creator feature is a must try feature if you as a team are unsure about your options and want to find out the best ones with your available champ pool.

Complete Live Game Drafting Experience (Real Scrim)

Team Ambition Black loved the live drafting experience when they had the chance to use it in an actual scrim. They have connected to Draftlol website where they organized their scrim with the opponent team. They leveraged ProComps Automated Suggestions feature mostly during the live draft since they were able to see the best 5 champions for each lane before they decided to go for the pick. The team picked Gangplank and Azir by getting inspired by our automated suggestions feature. 

Team Ambition Black commented on the live drafting experience of ProComps as a structured process, which means classic suggestions are useful to identify first two picks which are based on the meta picks, then automated suggestions to decide on the last 3 picks, and saved comps as a good reference to check what the team has worked on before. The pre-game guide provided the team necessary strategic insights to focus on and revealed how they could win with the specific draft they did. Even though they were a Grandmaster team, they leveraged ProComps features to improve their decision-making process in drafting and pre-game strategies.

“I believe the most powerful feature in ProComps is the automated suggestion feature. I think even with high ELO teams having a large amount of knowledge of the game, the tool is still good for new ideas and reminding you of old ones. When you are in the middle of the draft, you only have 30 seconds to spend on each pick and there will always be times you think of a better pick after the draft is over, ProComps lowers that chance” – Castle
Final thoughts

Team Ambition Black is a very experienced team when it comes to LoL and drafting and they optimize their picks with their experience mostly, however they strongly recommend ProComps for teams that want to improve their drafting and make better picks. They even mention that ProComps is so beneficial in cases where they have no idea how to react to an unorthodox pick.

If you check out Team Ambition Black’s experience using ProComps, you may figure out which features will be the most beneficial for you and in what way it will provide value for your team. Do not hesitate to reach out to us or Team Ambition Black regarding this case study and make sure to leverage ProComps to the highest extent possible.

“I would recommend ProComps to any team that already uses excel to organize their teams drafting or other types of data or just sometimes finds themselves losing a lot in draft” – Mark
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