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Drafting Modes
League Client Integration
Draft Simulator
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Drafting Assistant
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Classic Suggestions Filters
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Automated Suggestions
PreGame Guide
Gamestyles & Scaling
Gamestyle Tactics
Scaling & Power Spikes
Objective Prios
Level 1 Snapshot
Skirmish Analysis
Champ Pool
Create Players Champ Pools
Player Champ Pool Familiarities
Create Team Pools
Use Champ Pools in Drafts
Tier Lists
Patch Tier List
Custom Tier List
Comp Creator
Comp Builder Playground
Save Comps for later
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I'm new to coaching and  it helped me to build composition, attribute requirements to understand game styles better plus its so easy to use, I recommend this tool for anyone who want to have a starting career in league.
Conquerer Gaming Coach
ProComps is the best League of Legends app to improve drafting for team play and building strategy according to various gamestyles. With additional features that can shorten champion select process, it can be an indispensable tool, even for pro-level teams and sponsor large tournaments.
Besiktas Esports Analyst
ProComps has helped me and my competitive team by giving us the tools necessary to adapt to enemy drafts on the fly with the built-in analysis and champion suggestions. The free product is amazing and the upgrade to Pro is even better! The added features are definitely worth the money, especially if you are impressed with the free version of this tool. I recommend this tool to players of all skill levels and play styles.
League Coach

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